Hey, hey! I had a half hour in between classes today so I managed to get #blossoming yogi pics for the last few days and the next few days :-)

I thought I’d put these all as one post to avoid spamming

Day 13 Side Bow (Parsva Dhanurasana)
Start in Bow, use breath to gently and slowly roll you over to side and inflate you up again….keep it controlled rather than letting momentum take over

Day 14 One Leg King Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)
This is not an easy posture for anyone with tight lower back, shoulders or hips. Even if you’re comfortable in King Pigeon Prep (with back leg extended and torso either perpendicular to floor or in forward bend) this is a much stronger hip opener and a very deep back bend. You can use a strap to catch your toes and you can pop a rolled up towel under the sit-bone to avoid toppling over.

Day 15 Wide Leg Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)
Turn toes in and keep back straight, neck in line with crest of spine, lengthen out the top of your head. Don’t hunch yourself over trying to reach head to mat. Each inhalation create length, each exhalation use grip on toes to draw yourself a little deeper. Elbows out to the side and lift from armpit to draw shoulders down back.

Day 16 Wide Leg Handstand (um…Prasarita Sirsasana…..?)
Elbows in line with shoulders and stacked above wrists. Strong core. Shift weight off hands and onto head to lift feet off floor. Take hips slightly back to counter-balance weight of legs coming up

Four days worth of gratitude: 1. Living in a part of London that is so green. I’m surrounded by parks, forests and woods, and Lola always has somewhere to go adventuring 2. Hot baths to soothe achey muscles 3. My mum and sister who are ALWAYS on hand to babysit 4. Silky bonnets which keep my locs frizz and dust free. Phew!