Eka Pada Galavasana / Flying Pigeon

Because this is the first time in everness that I have tried this posture, I played with four different transitions in during my practice today. I wanted to find a place for it to fit in seamlessly, but that was also appropriate for my current body strength. I found that it’s not possible for me to extend a straight leg up behind me just yet, so I went for the prep position instead…which I think is called Perching Pigeon? Here are the results of my experiment!

Downward Dog - I thought this made most sense, if I wanted to extend my leg. But it was actually impossible for me. Ha! No picture!

Cow Face - a little bit like coming into side crow, I had my right leg on top and took my arms over to the left to position my right shin on my elbows. It was fine but not the easiest transition. Plus my arms didn’t feel like they had an even distribution of weight coming into this, no matter how far forward I lent. The result is in picture number one.

Ankle to Knee Chair Pose - This felt good, but for some reason my balance felt better with my leg lower down rather than tucked up into my booty. Picture two.

Half Lotus Toe Balance - by far the easiest for me. Left leg was in exactly the right place (middle of right calf) and I felt most stable here. Picture three.

Intention for today is to push myself out of my comfort zone more often. That’s where the magic happens, right?